See the positive impacts in the communities where Vivejar operates

Why do we believe in experiential tourism?

The purpose of our work is:

  • To improve every community we work with
  • To encourage every person who travels with us to think about their role in the world
  • To provide an alternative source of income to the communities we work with as well as support communities and visitors in their search for positive transformation.

As a consequence, the world becomes a better place.

Based on these pillars, our sustainability policy is founded upon the following premises:

Vivejar’s sustainability policy is built on a Theory of Change and the pursuit of its goal directs our work and is the reason why we exist.

Vivejar’s Theory of Change is:
By connecting “open-minded” people with traditional Brazilian communities, we empower both of them! In the communities, we achieve this through income generation, cultural and environmental appreciation and the strengthening of self-esteem. In the visitors, we accomplish this by enriching their worldview through our experiential travels.

To achieve our we follow specific steps:



Strategical thinking about how we intend to generate change.


Track data and results, the context, the assumed premises.


Measure whether the desired change has occurred and analyze how far we from our desired results.

Want to know more about Vivejar’s policy on sustainability? Click here to download.

Positive impact

We believe in tourism as a tool for transformation. We believe we enhance the experience for the community and for the visitor in a win-win situation:

For the Community

Culture preservation
$$ from handicrafts
$$ from Meals service
$$ from familiar accommodation

For Travellers

Culture & Education

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Jequitinhonha Valley

Belém and Cotijuba Island

Rio de Janeiro and Morro da Babilônia

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