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Vivejar: Live with satisfaction!

J. Guimarães Rosa

Vivejar: Live with satisfaction!

J. Guimarães Rosa


We have always believed in tourism as a sector for development. That’s why, 10 years ago, Raízes Sustainable Development was founded. It was born out of a collective dream of experiential tourism, focusing on: itineraries that transform. After an initial period of learning and growth, a community-based tourism project in Jequitinhonha Valley was born in 2012.

As the project developed, Raízes became more involved in the community based tourism sector within Brazil. The encouraging results that have been achieved so far only confirm our premise that travelling transforms you as a person. This was our main inspiration to create Vivejar. Our years of experience in tourism has shown us that there is still a long way to go in order to present Brazil as a plural and holistic tourist destination.

In short, Brazil is a destination with a multifaceted allure. We not only have beaches, samba and soccer, but we also have a rich cultural heritage, delicious gastronomic pleasures, fascinating folklore, thriving art scenes and an incredibly welcoming and diverse population. All these pieces add value to the tourist product and can be used as tools for inclusion, income generation, rent distribution, cultural exchange, knowledge transfers and positive social change.

That’s why we say with confidence: travel can transform lives.

What moves us

We provide mutually beneficial, immersive and authentic travel experiences between tourists and traditional communities living within Brazil. Vivejar is a social enterprise whose mission is to contribute to local community empowerment through transformative travel experiences that make the world a better place.

Vale do Jequitinhonha © André Dib

photo © André Dib

How do we do it

Experience the very essence of Brazil through our exclusive trips. Our experiential tours show you the best of what Brazil has to offer: Brazilians.

All our trips are based on the following principles/ premises:

The team

Mariana has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism from UFMG (Brazil) and a Master’s degrees in Human and Social Sciences from Panthéon-Sorbonne Universities (France), University of Padova (Italy) and University of Évora (Portugal). She has experience in the areas of Planning and Public Policies in Tourism, development of cultural itineraries, project elaboration and in local community development. Mariana designed the development project in Rural Tourism in Alvorada de Minas. In 2015, she was invited to take over the Tourism Board at the Municipal Secretary of Culture, Tourism and Heritage of Diamantina, where she was responsible for planning and implementing public tourism policies. She currently works as a consultant and adviser on community-based projects for local and regional development. She is a founding partner of Veredas Tourism Development.

With extensive experience in managing collaborative projects, Mariana loves finding solutions and designing strategies to make collective dreams possible. She has always been interested in cultural diversity, photography, maps and history. She is the volunteer director at Projeto Bagagem and during her spare time she likes to be amongst her loved ones. Mariana is a co-founder and director of Raízes Desenvolvimento Sustentável, a social business focused in income generation and community empowerment projects. Restless, she has lived in the United States, Italy, São Paulo, Vitória and Rio de Janeiro. But her heart stays in her birthplace: Minas Gerais.

Communications Consultant

With more than ten years of experience in Communication and Marketing in the tourism business, Ana Duék has built up two passions: travelling and working with it. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Communications – Journalism, a master’s degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management from Middlesex University (London) and an MBA degree in Digital Marketing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV). Ana is passionate about Sustainable Tourism and she is the editor of the Viajar Verde blog.

Ana Gabriela Fontoura is a native of Belém (PA). She has bachelor’s degree in Tourism from the Federal University of Pará – UFPA and specialist degree in Environmental Studies from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais – PUC. She has 15 years of experience in Ecotourism and Public Use in protected areas in the Amazon. In 2007, Ana Gabriela launched Gabiraba Station, a community-based ecotourism operator that works in partnership with traditional populations and local organizations in the Amazon region. She also works as a consultant for socio-environmental organizations.

Sofie Carmlind

International Communications Assistant

Sofie is an adventurer, a travel enthusiast and a citizen of the world.  Her background is in peace and development studies and social innovation. Sofie has dedicated her life to creating positive change. She is an excellent problem solver who is steady, optimistic and passionate about meeting, listening and helping people. Apart from a her interest in travel she also enjoys working on social projects related to food.

Lucila Egydio


With diversified professional experiences, Lucila is a multifaceted, dynamic, open-minded individual who has worked on multiple domestic and international projects that combine sustainability, local and regional development, education and facilitation in entrepreneurship and ecotourism. She is upbeat with her manifold history and, above all, with the many learnings it brought her. Lucila she is always eager for more knowledge, exchanges and new paths.

Marianne Costa

Social entrepreneur and a hands-on dreamer

Mari turned thirty, yet still has the energy and optimism of a twenty-year old. She is the mother of Maria Luiza and an activist who supports women empowerment and entrepreneurship. She loves interacting with members of local communities, swapping stories and sharing knowledge. With experiences in Local Development, Associativism, Sustainable Tourism and Entrepreneurship, Marianne founded Vivejar after 10 years of in depth experience.

foto: © André Dib

More details about Vivejar’s Positive Impact

We believe in tourism as a transformative tool that can mutually benefit both the community and the visitor.