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All we want when traveling is to live unforgettable experiences. Coming home after having moments that will be forever in our memory is one of the best sensations of life. In search of these experiences, community-based tourism is one of the sides of tourism in Brazil that has grown a lot in recent years. And one of its central points is staying at locals’ homes.

For those who never had this experience, it is normal to have doubts about it:

– “But am I going to sleep in the person’s house?”

– “How will I know if it’s clean?”

– “Is it safe?”

– “Who is this family that is hosting me?”

Thinking about it, we have listed some important points to demystify the reality of community tourism. After all, besides being an absolutely transformative experience, we guarantee: once you live it, you will want to repeat it.


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About privacy and integration

On a trip like this, sleeping in the home of a local family is one of the most enjoyable experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to actually feel the place, not just to know it. Of course integration and dialogue with local residents are some of the highlights, but your privacy is also preserved.

That moment of rest in your room or just admiring the surrounding nature are guaranteed in community-based tourism. With the bonus that you can ask your host for tips of the best places to relax.


About safety

For those who travel around Brazil or anywhere else in the world, safety is a fundamental issue. It is understandable to be insecure about staying at the home of someone we do not know. But we guarantee: it’s even safer than staying in hotels. All begins on your arrival, since normally the warm and affectionate reception makes you feel at home from the first moment.

Important: make sure of where to stay, and try to stay in homes that are part of a real community-based tourism initiative.


About comfort

Do you know that feeling of staying at Grandma’s house who does everything to please you? So that’s exactly what you feel when you stay at a local’s hone. That delicious feeling of being taken care of, with a nice house, a cozy atmosphere and a great chat. In fact, tourism in Brazil is always great, isn’t it?


About eating well

Food is probably one of the great pleasures of travelers. Eating local food, the tastes, spices and customs are a key part of every culture. And, of course, dining in restaurants is great, but eating that little home-made meal… Hmm, there’s no comparison! (actually, if you want to know a little more about it, click here). That coffee in the late afternoon, that typical lunch cooked by someone who knows all about cooking, we are sure: it is unforgettable.


We really hope that this text has helped you to understand the experience of community-based tourism and staying in the residents’ homes a little better. Whether making tourism in Brazil or in other parts of the world, this has been an increasingly frequent reality – and we guarantee it’s worth living!

If you have any questions other than what we have said in this text, send us a message!