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Eduardo Coelho - Pousada Flutuante Uacari 1 - Uakari Floating Lodge 1

Eduardo Coelho - Pousada Flutuante Uacari 1 - Uakari Floating Lodge 1

Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is a state protected area with an extension of 1.124.000 ha, located between Solimões, Japurá and Auti-Paraná rivers. It’s the biggest protected flooded forest in the world. The facilities are sustainable. The energy comes form the sun. The rain is collected and kept. The effluents are treated before coming back to the river. The tiles are ecological, made of recycled PET from plastic bottles. Eight communities from the reserve act managing the Lodge, the employees, the contractors and the salespeople. Uacari Lodge’s operation is a performance line of Mamirauá Institute’s community-based tourism program.

Uacari Lodge floats peacefully. It consists of 5 bungalows with two rooms and two bathrooms in each bungalow. Each room has a porch with a view of the river and the forest. In total, there are 10 rooms with the capacity of 20 guests. The Lodge has a central floating area with a small deck, a kitchen, a restaurant, a bar, a video room and a library.

The facilities are sustainable. The energy comes form the sun. The rain is collected and kept. The effluents are treated before coming back to the river. The tiles are ecological, made of recycled PET from plastic bottles.

Uacari Lodge’s menu matches Brazilian and regional food. There is seasonal fresh fruit, beiju, homemade bread, juice, coffee and milk. The typical Brazilian rice and beans are delicious as well as the salad and one or two vegeterian dish for lunch and dinner. In Amazonian cuisine it’s impossible to be missing any type of fish as well as a chicken dish. After the meals, it’s good to taste a delicious dessert, made with typical Amazon fruit. Observe and try some Amazon typical fruit such as açai and cupuaçu. They aren’t available all months. You can also find sapodilla fruit, camu camu, araza, pineapple and passionfruit.



  • Amazonian Cuisine
  • Trails in the Amazon Forest
  • Lodge in the Forest
  • Extractive Environmental Reserve
  • Amazonic animals and plants
  • Traditional communities
  • Scientific research
  • Navigation




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Day 1 | Boarding in Tefé City to the Reserve and meeting of the waters

Rafael Forte_Barco da Pousada_Lodge Boat

Rafael Forte_Barco da Pousada_Lodge Boat

Services start with pick-up at the airport* or at a hotel in Tefé. We then are conducted to the harbour of Tefé Lake, where our boat departs for a 01 hour trip. Right after departure, we experience the “encounter of the waters”, where the black waters of the lake meet the white waters of the Amazon River.

The trip is a complete experience itself. We learn how long the Amazon River is and once we enter Mamirauá Reserve we see local riverine communities and their stilt houses, many of the 350+ species of birds, mammals and aquatic animals such as caimans, river dolphins and the pirarucu, the biggest fish in the Amazon waters.

We are welcomed in the impressive floating lodge by the local manager, the naturalist guide and all staff, when we are introduced each other and instruct on the program and safety procedures. Right after check-in we go on a trail or canoe trip for an interpretation of local nature.

After dinner, we watch a presentation on the history of the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve and the projects that are being developed by Mamirauá Institute Sustainable Development, a research unit funded and supervised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil.


Meals: Dinner

Day 2 | Visit the riverside community and night trail

Pedro Nassar - Comunidade_Community-

Pedro Nassar – Comunidade_Community-

Mornings start early at Uakari Lodge! By 06:30 we have breakfast and we depart for activities at 07:00. The first thing we are doing today is visiting a local riverine community. A local guide takes us on a tour around his/her village, shows the daily life by the river in a floodplain forest – water levels rise and fall about 12 meters every year, and that demands a lot of adaptation from local people! We go back to the lodge at lunchtime – always very fresh food, mostly produced locally in the communities. We follow the local tradition and take some rest until 03:30 – 04:00 PM, when we head to our second activity of the day – a trail or a canoe trip if it’s the rain
season. Dinner is served around 07:00 and tonight we go on an adventure: a night trail! It is
always impressive to go on this activity once we get to observe different animals and listen
to very unique noises from the forest. If it’s the rain season, we go on a night boat trip.

Meals: B,L,D

Day 3 | Morning trail and river forest navigation

Eduardo Coelho - Passeio de canoinha - Canoe Tour - Mamirauá Tefé/AM

Eduardo Coelho – Passeio de canoinha – Canoe Tour – Mamirauá Tefé/AM

After breakfast (with many of the local fruit and delicacies made out of the veryBrazilian manioc) we depart for a morning hike. Today the trail is longer and we get to see many of the impressive Amazon trees and animals. If we are in the rainy season (and walking trails will be under water), we depart on a small canoe journey through the flooded forest – an experience you will never forget. The silence of the canoe sliding through the waters, very close to the crown of the trees, will be interrupted by the screaming of the howler monkeys, the chant of the birds or by the diving of the aquatic animals. We go back for lunch and relax for a couple of hours in the hammocks of our room’ s porches that lay over the river. We depart at 3:30 for a boat tour on Lake Mamirauá. It is our longest journey in the reserve and you’ll get to learn more about the history of the area, right from the local guides.  When reach the lake, we have some snacks while appreciating the always-dramatic  sunset. On the way back, spotlights are used to see nocturnal animals like the huge black caimans, that can be up to 4 meters long.  Dinner and free time at night.

Meals: B,L,D

Day 4 | Immersion in the Forest and meeting with the researchers

After breakfast we depart at 07:00 to go fishing for piranhas, very abundant in this region. With the help of the local guides, you will learn why they can be so dangerous!  We head back to the lodge, have lunch and some free time to rest, talk to locals, read in the lodge’s library or watch a documentary. In the afternoon  we have our last immersion in the jungle, taking a trail or canoe trip.

At night, after dinner, biologists who conduct researches in the area will come to the lodge to introduce you to the world of science, bringing information about a local animal, the result of their work and how scientific research helps the development of conservation strategies in the reserve.

Meals: B,L,D

Day 5 | Return to Tefé City after breakfast

Casa da Mata - Cheia - Christophan Mota

Casa da Mata – Cheia – Christophan Mota

It is our last moments at Uakari Lodge. We have breakfast at 5:30 am and departure at 06:00 AM to Tefé (airport or hotel) during daylight saving time, or at 07:00 AM otherwise.

Meals: B


  • Transfer in: Tefé Airport or hotel > Uakari Lodge;
  • Transfer out : Uakari Lodge > Tefe Airport or hotel ;
  • Accommodation with meals (breakfast , lunch and dinner) ;
  • Standard tour activitiesin;
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vivejar Kit.

Not Included

– Extra transfer in and out;

–  Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages;

– Insurance;

– laundry service

Rates 2020

From BRL 3.030,00 per person in DBL room

Low Season (january/may and october/dezember) – 04 nights

Check rates with the Vivejar Team, or +55 11 3031-3034.

High Season (june to september) – 04 nights

Check rates with the Vivejar Team, or +55 11 3031-3034.

Program to 04 nights: Friday to tuesday.


For safety reasons, we do not host children under 10 years old

Domestic animals are not allowed

Included items

Activities / Outings
Boat transfer
Local guide
Meals at community
Trail / Hiking
Travel insurance

Additional info

Worth to have in mind

  • The Brazilian Ministry of Health recommends (not mandatory) yellow fever vaccination for all travelers over 9 months of age who enter endemic areas in Brazil, like the Amazon region;
  • In accordance with normative deliberation nº 161 of August 9, 1985, Embratur, in case of withdrawal after signature of the travel contract, will be retained: with up to 31 days in advance, 10% of the total amount as operating expenses; Between 30 and 21 days prior to shipment, 20% of the value of the package will be retained; After the 20 days prior to shipment, 80% of the value of the package.

Not included items

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Privatice Transfer;
  • items not mentioned above.

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