Alter – A Journey of the Senses (6 Days/5 Nights)


barco belle amazon no rio tapajós em alter do chão ancorado em uma praia de rio

Belle Amazon Boat / Photo: Rui Toné

If you grab a map of Brazil you will find the village Alter do Chão, located in the small municipality of Santarém in Pará, just by a tight curve of the Amazon River, between lakes and streams and at the mouth of the Tapajós river. Surrounded by beaches with warm and crystalline waters it has been listed several times in international newspapers and magazines, as the most beautiful freshwater beach in the world. The small village of Alter do Chão is also renowned for its typically Amazonian cuisine, its unique handicrafts, its cultural and folkloric manifestations, in addition to the welcoming hospitality of its people. This is where our sensorial journey will begin!


Turistas em Alter do Chão

Navigating the Tapajós and Arapiuns river in the dense forest, irresistibly seductive, mysterious and gigantic, we transport ourselves to a rare universe of visual and olfactory sensations. Where it is possible to observe the biological richness of the largest tropical forest in the world, to smell the aroma of Amazonian fruits, to see the sky create formations of birds and to hear the trees rustling in the wind. You will also have the chance to get to know the riverside communities. Allow yourself to be enchanted by their stories narrating the mysteries and legends of the Amazon.


  • Workshop in craftsmanship
  • Local cuisine
  • Contemplative trips
  • Swim in the river
  • Piracaia – beach hangout
  • Visit traditional communities
  • River beaches


Vivenciando Alter do Chão
o barco ancorado no rio Tapajós

Walter Fonseca

Day 1 – After breakfast at the hotel, private transfer to the port in the village of Alter do Chão. We will start our navigation towards the Tapajós National Forest. We will arrive at one of the communities that make up this location of the conservation and, before anything else, it will be time for the first dive in the waters of the Tapajós River. After lunch on board, we will descend in the community to see the handicrafts made in latex extracted from the rubber trees in the region. In the evening, before dinner, we will take a regional canoe ride through the streams to watch the full moon rise. We will return to the boat to enjoy the moonlit night. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 2 – We wake up in the morning to the sounds of the forest, already in the waters of the Arapiuns River. After breakfast on board, we will prepare for a trail through the native forest, accompanied by a local driver who will introduce us to some of the rich Amazonian flora. At the end, a relaxing swim in the river. In the afternoon, after having lunch and recovering the energy spent on the trail, we will continue sailing towards a beautiful beach. Take the opportunity to relax and enjoy this Amazonian paradise. New Year’s Eve couldn’t be more special. Let’s start the celebrations with the local tradition `Banho de Cheiro`. Our team will make a special dinner menu prepared with great care.

Day 3 – Today we will get to know a little bit of the daily lives of the families of the Munduruku people who fight for the recognition and rights to their territory. Living on the production of the farming, fishing and handicrafts they open the doors to receive us and show us a little of their culture. We will practice archery, body painting and learn about the struggles of indigenous peoples in Brazil today. A great conversation to break stereotypes of the indigenous people and understand their important role as the true guardians of the Amazon. Lunch on board and in the afternoon our journey continues towards the Arapiuns River. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 4 – Today our stop will be in another of the riverside communities in the region, where we will learn about the ancient tradition of making handicrafts with tucumã straw, a typical palm tree in the region. We will participate in a workshop with the artisans to learn a little about the colors, the dyeing processes and the characteristics of traditional braiding. Get ready, as it is practically impossible to leave without a piece! During the afternoon we invite you to relax on one of the beautiful freshwater beaches in the region. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 5 – On this day we will get to know a typical flour house and the production process of foods derived from cassava that are indispensable on the table of the populations of the Amazon. An ancient knowledge found throughout the northern region. Our last afternoon will be on another beautiful beach on the edge of Arapiuns. In the evening, get ready for our special boat farewell dinner! We will make a traditional piracaia: grilled fish on the beach in a very special setting! Overnight on board.

Day 6 – We will start the day at Canal do Jari, a location to spot a variety of birds in the region at this narrow stretch of the Amazon River. The channel is ideal for observing, early in the morning, animals such as alligators, iguanas and parrots, while sailing through narrow rivers and mangroves. After touring the region in small canoes, we return to the boat to continue our return trip to Alter do Chão. Lunch on board and disembark until 6 pm. Transfer to the hotel or airport.

Important Information


  • Transfer to and from the boat
  • Exclusive vehicle for the group
  • Host
  • 4 nights on Belle Amazon Boat in double cabin with air conditioning
  • Meals as mentioned: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fruits, snacks and drinks (water, juices, soft drinks, beer and caipirinha) on the vessel
  • Experiences, workshops and tours as described in the itinerary
  • Visitation & preservation fees
  • Travel insurance


  • Airline tickets
  • Personal expenses;
  • Other meals and items not mentioned as included