This itinerary is full of unforgettable experiences through the Amazonian forest, freshwater beaches, traditional riverside communities, including the unforgettable experience of navigating the Tapajós and Arapiuns Rivers with their crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches.


Alter do Chão is located on the right bank of the Tapajós River, about 32 km from the city of Santarém. Known as the “Brazilian Caribbean”, anyone who visits the region has the feeling of having found a true Amazonian paradise!


Here, little villages, sandy white beaches, crystal-clear bayous, flooded forests and centenary trees make up the local scenery. The riverside communities, which turn towards tourism as an alternative source of income, enjoy immersing visitors into their unique way of life.


Navigating the tributaries of the Amazon River is a breathtaking and enticing experience! During the dry season, you will encounter the green clear Tapajós River water with extensive fine white sandbanks and the crystal clear water of the Arapiuns River with several almost deserted beaches. Besides the region’s exuberant nature, the riverside communities invite visitors to taste the many local flavors and experience the authenticity of their culture and life.


Best time to travel: During the rainy season, from January to July, the river rises and most of the beaches disappear. This is the best time to observe the native birds in the region, to go canoeing through the bayou and to wander the flooded forests. During this time, nature is in its most exuberant form. From August to December, the tide lowers and the islands and beaches reappear. This is the ideal time for those who want to enjoy the Amazonian fresh water beaches.


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Localização de Alter do Chão

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Localização de Alter do Chão

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