It is often said that São Paulo is where everything happens. And yes, it´s true! Even in places considered “difficult”, there are people working hard to change their realities and environment. This is the case of Grajaú and Ilha do Bororé, two neighborhoods in the south of São Paulo City.

Here is where nature, organic agriculture, suburbs, art, sustainability, graphite, social innovation and the “quebrada” come together. Our tour offers you the opportunity to dive deep into this complex “puzzle” of initiatives. Another São Paulo is waiting for you.

During this tour, you will have the opportunity to experience a different side of São Paulo. Welcomed with a walk through the Grajaú neighborhood, you will learn about the many challenges and local initiatives that are working to change the harsh reality through an appreciative lens. Leaving urban São Paulo behind us, we will cross the dam towards the island of Bororé to experience Ecoativa, an eco-cultural center promoting access to organic, biodynamic, rural, social, cultural and sustainable practices.


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Social projects
Street Art
Organic agriculture

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foto: © André Dib

photo: © Acervo Vivejar

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