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Experiential travelling, community-based tourism, trips that transform. Tourism around Brazil. Everything mixed together because you deserve to experience the best of what Brazil has to offer: the Brazilian people.

Vivejar will take you on a journey to explore the different Brazils inside Brazil in an authentic way. Our travel experiences are based on respect, genuineness and mutual exchange between visitors and the host communities. Come with us!

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Our purpose is to provide our visitors an unforgettable experience. That’s why we create real connections with the communities within which we work – our connections are based on mutual trust, friendship and respect.

To establish a connection like this is time consuming. We guarantee an atmosphere of complete interaction between the visitors and community members. Vivejar is committed to offering travel itineraries that are based on real and true experiences.

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During the 4 nights you will be able to know the different habitats that freshwater swamp forests offer,

Apri, 08th to 13th, 2019

The Jequitinhonha Valley is an inventive and a peculiar artistic place, home to beautiful and creative manifestations. Embark with us and this dive into the art of ceramics and genuine and loving cohabitation with these artisans of clay and life!

photo: © André Dib

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We believe in Tourism as a transformational tool for both visitors and communities