“Vivejar: Live with satisfaction”

*word invented by the writer João Guimarães Rosa
We provide mutually beneficial, immersive and authentic travel experiences between tourists and traditional communities living within Brazil.
We believe in the power of tourism as a tool for transformation, not only for the tourists but also the host community. Our tours are designed to provide positive benefits to local communities.

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“Vivejar: Viver com Satisfação”

*palavra inventada por Guimarães Rosa

Estamos aqui para oferecer experiências para você e para comunidades tradicionais do Brasil, reconectando valores e aproximando realidades.
Acreditamos no poder do turismo como ferramenta de transformação para o visitante e para as comunidades anfitriãs. Nossos roteiros são especialmente desenhados para gerar esse resultado positivo!
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Our destinations

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Impact on communities

Vivejar was born out a clear need in Brazil for local and authentic travel experiences that promote positive social impact. With over 10 years of experience working with local communities throughout Brazil, Vivejar prides itself in providing high quality travel experiences that place local communities at the heart of its model.

Vivejar is a social enterprise whose mission is to contribute to local community empowerment. We believe in ethical business practices that provide local travel experiences and in turn make the world a better place.

Promote positive change through our work is what drives us every day. And more than say that we are a company that promotes sustainable tourism and generates positive impact, Vivejar is committed to measure and disclose this impact. We are born as a B company and share with hundreds of other companies around the world the belief that we can use business for good, making the world a better place.

For us, our work begins deeply knowing the realities where we operate, planning and drawing together with the community the experiences offered, the benefits generated from our activity, minimizing the negative effects and being very transparent with our results. That’s what you can expect from Vivejar and can extend here.

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photo: © André Dib

Embark on transformative tours that provide unique travel experiences within Brazil.