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Since the beginning of this Corona virus crisis, we have been working behind the scenes supporting some partners and communities we know, trying to mitigate the unprecedented negative effects. Tourism is one of the most affected economic activities. Without travels, there is no consumption and there is no way to “store” experiences!

Vivejar, as a small company, saw its operations suddenly stop. We managed to internally organize ourselves to go through this moment. But it´s very difficult for us to know that our friends and partners, local people and organizations in each of the Brazilian destinations that we operate have seen their income dropping down and are already beginning to suffer privations.

Despite the difficulties, many of those are finding the strength and energy to lead initiatives to support their surroundings. We think we can help them give visibility to these initiatives and to these people, who we know deeply and can confirm the dignity and the exemplary behaviour  they continue to innovate and transform their local realities through entrepreneurship and social innovation. 

Starting today, we will help them by promoting their initiatives and building bridges for good! It´s time to support the true  heroes.


In addition to being able to contribute individually, if you know about any financing opportunity, donation or any other way to apply for help, please contact us: or +5511983283034

If you are out of Brazil and want to help, get in touch with us and we’ll help you donate for the project that you want contribute.

Thank you and help us help who needs!


Here are the community initiatives we recommend:

Manati Lodge

Manati Lodge is a family Amazon lodge leaded by our loved friend Marília Costa, who is leading a amazing campaign focus on help indigenous communities of Rio Negro on the surroundings of Manaus, capital of Amazonas state. Amazonas is one of the most affected by the pandemic and this community has tourism as their main source of income. Suddenly they lost their main sustenance.  

Manati Lodge is collecting donations to alleviate this crisis. Help us help them!

Watch here a video explaining the situation.

And here is the link of the campaign

Movimento de Mulheres do Xingu 

ATIX Women is a movement of  native women of Xingu cause and its support base is “Movimento de Mulheres do Xingu” (Women of Xingu Movement). The ATIX- Women is part of ATIX- Xingu Indigenous Land Association organic structure, they represent 16 indigenous ethnicities that lives on the Xingu’s Indigenous Territory – TIX (Kalapo, Kuikuro, Mehinako, Yawalapiti, Waurá, Yudjá, Kisedjê, Kawaiwete, Ikpeng, Kamayurá, Aweti, Matipu, Trumai, Matipu, Tapayuna e Naruvoto) with an estimated population of 8 thousand people. The territory is located on the north of Mato Grosso state, next to the borderland with Pará state.

They need support to collect funds to give food and cleaning products to 875 families that can not take the risk of getting out of their villages. Your help will be delivered at the 144 Xingu’s villages and will help them being away from one more indigenous extermination that can happen with the entrance of COVID-19 in the villages.

Link of Women of Xingu Movement

Here the link of the campaign

Morro da Babilonia 

Andre Constantine, community leader, is coordinating this very important campaign for the distribution of hygiene kits in the favelas Morro da Babilônia and Chapéu Mangueira, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. 

Unfortunately, thousands of people lives in little space and without basic sanitation and urban cleaning services in the favelas and this contributes to not only Corona Virus proliferation, but also the proliferation of other diseases, leaving the population in a vulnerable situation. The small homes are full of children and the adults who are not going to work anymore, completely without income.

Link of the campaign

Associação de Artesãs Coqueiro Campo e Associação de Artesãs de Campo Alegre (Vale do Jequitinhonha/ MG)  

Here’s where Vivejar started. Vivejar was born from the “From Clay to Art” itinerary, in partnership with the ceramists of Campo Buriti and Campo Alegre communities, in Turmalina city, in Minas Gerais state. The ceramic is a traditional handcraft that comes through the generations. The tourism in this region has contribute for this beautiful tradition preservation, besides of being source of income for many women, giving a chance to conciliate the handcraft and the care with their houses and children, while the majority of the husbands needs to migrate to the big cities to find a job, staying months away from homes. 

The main source of income of these women is the sale of their handcrafts, what stopped since the beginning of the crises. Therefore, any support on this resumption of sales by orders or donation can make the difference at this point. You can help them by making a donation or ordering handcrafts.

Coqueiro Campo Association profile

Contact: Valdirene (+5538991026759) 

Bank Account:

Associação dos artesãos coqueiro campo

Banco do Brasil

Agência 1097-9

Conta corrente 44120-1

CNPJ 00110968/0001-70

Perfil Associação Campo Alegre

Contact: Cida (+5538999363227)

Bank Account:
Associação dos lavradores e artesãos de campo alegre
Banco do Brasil
Agência 2745-6
CNPJ 20212247/0001-89  

MMIB – Movimento de Mulheres das Ilhas de Belém

Brave women that works hard for collective development, the MMIB is a great reference in community organization and social transformation. Based in Cotijuba Island, Belém, Pará State, which lives mainly from fishing, vegetable extraction and tourism, they saw the economic activity on the island drop dramatically. In addition, the island is very large, only motorbikes, tractors and boats are allowed to travel.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the MMIB has worked to raise awareness and provide guidance to island residents on how to act at this time and on the distribution of donations received. Always with a big smile on their faces, it is always for us a lesson in social mobilization and collective work. You can support them through donations.

Institucional link

Dados Bancários para doação:

Movimento de Mulheres das Ilhas de Belém


Conta 17.477-7

Agência: 1183

CNPJ: 05963876/0001-57

Donation Fund to Facial Masks

Following the National Health Ministry recommendations, Brazilians are using facial masks to prevent Covid 19. It is already difficult to find masks in large Brazilian cities, either due to lack of stock or abusive prices, just imagine in the countryside of Brazil and even more so in the communities so far away with which we work.

The B Corp Retalhar developed reusable facial masks following safety rules in a fair and accessible cost. Vivejar decided to support the partner communities to access this tool. If you want contribute to help us buy this masks, you can donate. All the amount will be used to buy and send the masks and you can also choose an specific community that you want help. 

The amount needed to buy a thousand facial masks is R$3.200,00 (around US$640 or €550) and to delivery is around R$300,00 (around US$120 or €54).

We are committed to being transparent with all the amount that we collect. Support the local communities to mitigate such a negative impact is our mission now. We will be very thankful if you can support us or connect with anyone who can!

We´re open to suggestions, doubts and comments. Please write for us:

Thank you so much

Marianne Costa

Founder Vivejar