Who We Are

by Marianne Costa

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Hi! My name is Marianne Costa, I’m from the state of Minas Gerais and I’m passionate about Brazil. I am raiz (root), I was raízes (roots). I’m multidimensional, I like the countryside and the city, the mountains and the lowlands, the world and Brazil, the beach and the Amazon and the quilombos and nature.

I have always been on the move between different realities since I was born, and in my professional career as a tourism scientist even more. I´m a consultant, public speaker, social entrepreneur and activist. From North to South of Brazil, I have gotten to know landscapes and places that take my breath away, but what always left the greatest impact on me was the PEOPLE.



Traveling = Vivejar = Living with Satisfaction

We are a social company that incentivizes responsible tourism, female empowerment, and positive impact in the communities and destinations we visit.

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Vivejar was born out of this desire to connect you with memories that will awaken your senses and with the affective connections that I have established traveling around Brazil. We can show you this beautiful country´s art, culture, history and introduce you to the amazing people that I met during my travels and admire so deeply.

Life, reconnection, breathing and time – this is what we bring to the world. Everything that our busy day-to-day lives keeps us away from in a consumerist world that keeps spinning faster and faster.

Vivejar, brings a new meaning to travel: opportunities for positive impact in the receiving communities, personal transformation and reconnection with human values that are so important such as simplicity, togetherness and love.


Every trip created by Vivejar has been experienced by Marianne Costa, adjusted and carefully curated just like the cheese from the state Minas Gerais (region known for the best cheese in Brazil): curdling, draining, salting and finally tasting. This is how Vivejar works!
pessoas na floresta observando a natureza


We hope that in 10 years time, Vivejar will become synonymous with “traveling organically”, meaning:

  • Feeling the taste and intensity for real
  • Doing good for physical health and your soul
  • Increasingly generating local and positive impact

We believe that Brazil has many faces and in addition to the beautiful beaches, samba and football, we want to show you traditional culture, people, gastronomy, folklore, art and syncretism. All of this together leads to transformative travels, exchange of experiences, generation and distribution of income and positive social impact. That’s why we confidently say: travelling transforms!


It is through travel that we want to give each individual the opportunity to reconnect and positively transform themselves, positively develop traditional Brazilian communities and promote Brazil as a responsible tourism destination.

We don’t love what we don’t know and we don’t take care about what we don’t love. Every Brazilian should visit the Amazon, connect with their ancestry, honor those who preceded us and who gave us the chance to be here today, experiencing what we call Brazil.

© Vivejar Archive

We are a social business that incentivizes responsible tourism, female empowerment and positive impact in the communities and destinations we visit.